Lace tint spray in the shade Chocolate

Luxurious highly pigmented lace tint spray for your lace wigs and lace frontals.


product description

Our lace tint spray is a MUST HAVE essential item to add to your styling rituals. Not only is it cruelty free but also vegan friendly. Enriched with natural ingredients and essential oils, our lace tint is safe for use and is free of harmful ingredients. Our melanin rich lace tint spray is created to help you save time, whilst making tinting easier to achieve a flawless finish.

We have 5 different shades of this beauty:

● Caramel:    Light brown skin tones with golden/yellow undertones.
● Mocha:       Dark to deep dark skin tones with neutral to yellow undertones.
● Chocolate: Dark brown skin tones with warm deep undertones.
● Toffee:        Medium brown skin tones with yellow undertones.
● Chestnut:   Medium brown skin tones with deep red undertones.

At BYUTI MANE, we are proud to have created an exceptional product ​​to help you feel the best version of yourself! Please refer to the skin tone colour chart to help you choose your right shade or a mixture of two shades.

Here are some handy Instructions for using our lace tint spray to achieve perfect blended lace frontals, for natural looking lace wigs.

● Shake the spray bottle well before use
● Ensure your lace frontal / lace closure is clean and dry
● The knots on your lace wig need to be bleached first
● Spray generously multiple times on the back side of the lace piece until the desired shade is achieved
● Use the applicator to evenly apply the tint on the lace
● Blow dry/air dry for 1-2 mins until the tint has dried

This tinted lace wig spray comes in a variety of shades namely; Caramel, Toffee, Chestnut, Chocolate and Mocha in order to match different skin tones effortlessly.

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